Tips for Renting With a Roommate

Choosing a roommate to share a rental home with can be a great way to split the cost of rent and utilities. It’s also nice to have someone to spend time with when you’re at home. However, if you don’t select whom you plan on signing a lease with wisely, you could end up with a roommate from hell, and a whole mess of problems.  To avoid a sticky living situation, it’s best to choose someone who you know well, like a friend or relative, and someone who has a lifestyle similar to your own. For example, if you are a busy college student, it may not be a good idea to room with someone who is not in school and likes to party five nights a week. To avoid a roommate fallout, follow these helpful tips when making your selection.

Choose a responsible roommate that you trust

Jointly signing a lease with someone else holds you liable for making sure that all rent payments are made on time each month, and you are responsible for taking care of the property throughout the term of the lease, regardless of whether or not you live there the entire time. If your roomie defaults on their portion of the expenses or causes damage to the property, you are just as responsible as they are for the indemnities. The landlord is not a mediator to settle disputes between you and your roommate.

Assign chores and household responsibilities

Before signing a lease with a roommate, make sure that each of you is clear about who is responsible for what chores and household expenses. Unequal participation with household duties is a common problem among roommates, which can lead to resentment and an unpleasant living situation. Also, agree on who is responsible for what living expenses, and decide how and when bills will be paid.

 Be a respectful roommate

Living with someone can be challenging at times, but making compromises and respecting one another is key to a successful and harmonious roommate experience. Confirm that you are both on the same page when it comes to guests, noise, food, chores, pets, etc., because when you enter into a rental agreement with someone, you are sharing more than living expenses.

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Wonderful Space-Saving Home Inspirations

Looking for ways to save space or hide the clutter? When you have limited storage, it’s easy to let your possessions consume (and waste) valuable living space. Mail and bills collect in a permanent pile on the kitchen counter, cosmetics and hair products surround the bathroom sink, clothes litter the floor and furniture, shoes gather in a pile next to the door…  Sound familiar? The solution to your storage problem is all about finding the right products to fit your needs, and you may need to use a little creativity to make a small space look, and feel, bigger. Get inspired with these great space-saving products and ideas to create a functional and organized clutter free home.


Beds are a great way to store items, whether it’s underneath, tucked away in a daybed, or hidden inside like this Pivot Storage Bed Frame by West Elm ($599 for a Queen).


Clear the bathroom vanity and store toiletries, cosmetics and other bathroom necessities, away in cabinets like this Over-the-Tank Space Saver from ($162.45). Baskets are perfect for storing extra TP or for holding a few toiletries and hand towels.


Keep your laundry room tidy and functional with shelving and canvas totes to keep miscellaneous items organized. Attach a retractable clothesline to the wall that is totally discreet when not in use.


Closet organizers help to effectively utilize every inch of available space, while keeping everything easily accessible. Crate and Barrel has great canvas organizers that you can mix and match like the one shown.

Portable kitchen carts like this one from Sears ($349.99) provide storage and add valuable counter space that can be used for food prep, as an eating area or to hold kitchen appliances such as a microwave.


When office space is limited, look for a compact desk like this one from Crate and Barrel ($399). It has a pull-out desktop and file drawer storage, but looks like furniture when not in use!


Clean up your entryway by storing shoes and outerwear away in this Paterson Black Storage Bench with Wheat Cushion and Panel from Crate and Barrel ($547).

          Your garage may be the last place that you think of organizing, but it’s easy with the Rubbermaid FastTrack System. It consists of tracks that are mounted to the wall and you can buy an assortment of hooks, shelves and baskets for storing tools, bikes, sporting goods, etc., making everything easily accessible and out of the way.
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