New year, new home? Setting your goals for 2012

A new year brings new goals, new opportunities and a sense of optimism for change and growth for the future. Accomplishing these aspirations to achieve a successful year takes time, effort and a good plan. If moving to a new home is one of your goals for 2012, take some time to determine your wants and needs for the new place, determine your budget, and research your desired location. It’s a good idea to begin your search months before you plan to move, so that you can stay updated on new listings that become available, and be prepared when the right property turns up.

 The spring and summer months are a popular time for rental leases to expire, and when they are listed on the market, good rentals go fast. If there is a particular apartment/condominium complex or rental home that you are interested in, it is a good idea to inquire about it with the landlord, even if it is not listed on the market to see when and/or if it will be available. Although you may not be able to secure occupancy at this time, expressing interest to the landlord and possibly completing an application may give you an advantage for occupying the residence when it is ready.

 Planning ahead and being organized and prepared is the key to success, especially when looking to rent in todays competitive rental market. Stay updated on new listings and if an appealing opportunity to rent presents itself, be ready to submit all of the required paperwork to the landlord in a timely manner.

 ***Remember… Many landlords require additional documentation along with the application such as a recent credit report, bank statement, copies of your driver’s license or state ID and an application fee.  Ensure the landlord that you express serious interest in the property before it is occupied by someone else by submitting everything on the same day, if possible, because many landlords will not evaluate an application without it.

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