Top 10 tips for renting a vacation home

Planning a vacation this winter to escape the cold? Instead of staying in an expensive hotel or resort, consider renting a luxury condo or home in your ideal vacation spot. This can save you a lot of money when traveling, as you have your own private kitchen instead of dining out every meal, and there is more space to relax and enjoy your stay. This is especially a great option when traveling with a group.

ABC News listed 10 Vacation Rental Tips that are important to consider when looking for a vacation rental home.

1. Choose a popular rental destination. These areas will have more rentals on the market, which means, competitive prices. (Popular locations in the US include Arizona, Nevada, California, Florida, North Carolina and Hawaii)

2. Comparison shop. The following internet sites are a great resource for rental home listings:

3. Don’t send money until you sign paperwork. Read the fine print of the lease including cancellation policies and security deposits. Also, check out their website and feedback from previous renters. 

4. Know exactly what’s included. Check if utilities, cable and internet are included.

5. Have an emergency contact person. Make sure that you have the name, number and email of who to contact if there is a problem with the rental.

6. Is the home family friendly? Check the bed configurations and look at pictures of the home to make sure that it fits your family’s needs.

7. Can you bring a pet? If it is pet-friendly, check if there is a size limit.

8. Is a refund available if you leave early? Check the contract to see if they will issue a partial refund in the event you need to leave early.

9. Love the house you pick. Once you sign a lease for a property, that’s what you get so make sure it’s exactly what you want. Remember that you get what you pay for, so if something seems like too good of a deal, there is probably a reason for it.

10. Reserve early. To get the best deal, reserve early. November, December and January are popular rental months so it is typical to rent as early as six months out.


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